Our quality assurance system is established and run strictly under ISO9001 system. Generally, it is makes of IQC, IPQC, OQC, QE, QA and Metrology.


Also, we have made a complete number of standards ranging from raw material inspection to the final inspection to ensure the good performance in every processing step.


We have the advanced inspection equipments and detailed quality management files. All of these ensure us the top quality and top performance of each product greatly.


With a good grasp of customers’ needs, our engineers participate actively in the material selection process by offering their professional opinions. The purpose is to obtain optional functional design of cost effectiveness. Also, in order to meet the high quality demands of ZONCELL, materials used in production are consumed on a "first -in -first -out" (FIFO) and "Just in time" (JIT) basis to avoid extended storage. Other aspects of the monitoring system include a monthly Monitoring Statistical Report on Suppliers and periodic visits to suppliers to study their production status, thus ensuring the quality of materials supplied.