IQC: Inspect and control over all incoming materials and components to make sure that only qualified supplies flow into each production run.
IPQC: Inspect and control over all of manufacturing processes. Being quality warning, every staff is called on to join in efforts to maintain ongoing consistency and quality, and when anything goes wrong, correction is done quickly.
QA: In charge of all tests in QA division according to IEC standards and customers' requirements. Every single cell is tested and sorted on chemical-electric testing panel before moving on to assembly lines.
QE: Quality Engineer work with product quality control system, manufacturing process technical issues and product implementation. Broad training enables them to analyze the process capability of manufacturing operations, suggest processing and product construction changes, and solve both short-and long-term problem.
OQC: Final inspection on the products ready to shipped out to assure delivery without any defect.

Metrology: Author the quality evaluating data of products, such as quantity, weight, etc.