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Complete energy products technology
Through the application of the latest lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery, lithium-ion battery, rechargeable nickel-metal hydride / nickel cadmium battery, E-bike battery, power battery and back-up power unit technology, ZONCELL provide all its customers needs and expectations of solutions and products. We will adopt the most suitable energy parts for customers to create the best energy products, we can design various combinations of programs (including the intelligent combination), and to meet customer electricity needs of the energy products.

Energy products design and assembly of parts and components of professional development
ZONCELL design center will support the client's product development, from concept to marketing, and the formation of a competitive products assembly of various parts and components required for design and development. We also offer 3D modeling technology in support of customer and products design, thus saving customers development time and cost.

Electronic circuit design and development
ZONCELL can provide a wide range of applications a wide range of products from simple assembly to have a complete smart energy information output of electronic circuit design. Our smart energy ICs will have effective and continuous control in order to improve product performance and quality. We also will provide standard and customized programs to meet customer applications.

Production capacity of the energy product assembly
ZONCELL has many years of experience in the production of the energy product assembly, the assembly has the ability to meet rapid changes in design and in the shortest time possible to provide the most substantial needs. In accordance with our ISO quality management system, in order to provide quality services to customers around the world.

Advanced batteries, solar-powered, and LED products testing
ZONCELL has advanced batteries, solar-powered, and LED products testing equipment to ensure the provision of reliable power solutions, but also to ensure that products meet specific customer requirements.

Product engineering applications and global technical support
ZONCELL provide product applications, testing and evaluation of the whole system synthesis. Us and the world's leading charger and charge control circuit manufacturers to maintain a good cooperative relationship and to share test data, we also provide the battery pack of quality certification test.