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2018/7/10 No Fear of Cold | Self Heating Battery can be Charged at -42℃


According to foreign media reports, the Penn State University engineers team developed a self heating battery, no matter how the external temperature, can quickly charge.

Previously, researchers have developed a self heating battery to avoid power consumption under freezing point. Now, such batteries are also applicable to this principle, and can be quickly charged for 15 minutes at -42℃ (45℉).

The researchers published their prototype test results in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They found that the self heating battery can withstand 4500 times 15 minutes of charging under 32℉, and the battery capacity loss only 20%, can provide about 280000 miles of endurance, and can work for 12.5 years. Under the same conditions, the traditional battery lost 20% of the battery capacity after 50 times charging.

Issued by Tom, M&S, Jul. 10, 2018.

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