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2018/3/22 Cobalt Price Continues to Rise | Cell for Digital has been Rising.


Cobalt price continues to rise, the cells for digital has been rising trend. The operating rate of material enterprises is very low.

Cell for digital has ushered in the peak season prices. Because rising raw material prices this week, some cell manufacturers have started to increase foreign sales price, in the range of RMB0.1 per cell. The operating rate of power battery manufacturers is less than 50%. Individual enterprises at the end of last year fill production and inventory, resulting in current product backlog, stop production and sale inventory.

In Mar. 14, the new energy vehicles directory of MIIT shows that 42 models new energy passenger loading batteries, clearly marked use of lithium iron phosphate is only 1 model, but using Ternary Material reach as many as 30 models. So, we can be expected, the new energy vehicle uses Ternary Material   overall will become a reality in 2018.

Issued by Tom, M&S, Mar. 22, 2018.

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