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Urine Power Fuel Cells is Expected to Significantly Reduce the Cost


Microbial fuel cells (MCF) is a kind of using microbial device that converts the chemical energy in organic matter into electricity. Recently, university of bath, queen Mary university college London and Bristol, biological energy center researchers launched a microbial fuel cell, using urine ACTS as a fuel to generate power.

Global manufacturing every day about 10.5 billion litres of urine, it is enough to fill 4200 Olympic swimming pool. In the current situation, the urine as a large amount of waste, if allowed to flow into the water system will destroy the ecological environment, and deal with it from the waste water, it requires a lot of money and energy.

In the United States, for example, power consumed by a sewage treatment plant to be 1.5% of America s electricity. So, if there is a technology, make the urine is no longer a large energy consumption, and the capacity after is to take advantage of a large, is it not a good thing? Though most of us will make it labeled as waste, but scientists are still hope one day can use urine, and then supply cars, houses and urban use.The current research and development of this kind of urinary power fuel cells for only 1 ~ 2 pounds each cost, at the same time the fuel source is very reliable, is the recycling of waste.

Of the university of bath m Leila Dr Lawrence (Mirella Lorenzo) said: "the microbial fuel cells can be looking for safe, affordable and environmentally sensitive energy play an important role in the triple challenge. The urine power fuel cells will provide solutions for" energy "trilemma"."

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