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Chinese Scientists Developing Power Generation of Solar Cells in Rainy Day


Rain is not pure water, containing sodium, calcium, ammonium ions and other cations and chloride ion, sulfate ion and nitrate ion anion. Professor tang chun committee China ocean university and yunnan normal university professor pei-zhi Yangs team in the German journal paper introduces simulated rain in the land that they developed graphene material (with a dye sensitized solar cell coupling) surface, the cationic and graphene conjugate structure from the field in electronic form cation/electric double layer "constraint capacity", and simulate the spreading of raindrops on the graphene surface shrinkage process for "turns capacitor charge and discharge, resulting in a voltage and current.

Paper, according to the simulation of the rain in the use of a certain concentration of sodium chloride solution experiments, the solar cells achieved about 100 microvolt/voltage and 0.5 microamps/drops of output current and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of 6.53%.

As an important part of the new energy, solar energy has been a hot area of clean energy research, related research progress and breakthrough in recent years, but has been unable to solve the problem of "all-weather" especially rainy day power generation.

Tang chun committee told xinhua in an interview, have sci-tech journal reported scientists try to attempt to convert the kinetic energy of raindrops falling into electricity, but most people thought in the field of basic research in solar energy is limited to how to use, more efficient conversion of sunlight.

Tang chun committee, said the research results have been applied for a patent for invention in China, the paper also obtained the evaluation experts spoke highly of.

Tang chun committee and pei-zhi Yang believes that the study will help to extend the time of potential of solar cell power generation, the future may also plentiful rainfall but solar energy resources area, frequent acid rain area, and reef areas such as power supply and sea play a bigger role.

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