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Lithium Battery Breakthrough Mobilephone Life Saved


Is part of, the lithium battery by the positive and negative, the diaphragm, such as electrolyte composition, its key performance indicators, such as performance and cycle life is determined by the electrochemical performance of anode materials, including LiFePO4 is recognized as the anode material.

Which, according to the Chinese academy of sciences metal material science in shenyang national laboratory of high performance ceramics (joint) research xiao-hui wang group based on the previous research, by creating acid synthesis of the extreme lack of water environment, for the first time in the world were 12 nm thick [100] orientation LiFePO4 ultrathin nano film.

The meaning of the nanometer piece of electrode and so far the smallest gap voltage, improves the activation population proportion.

And we know that the electrode is composed of a large number of particles, in the process of its electrochemical performance mainly depends on the charge and discharge at the same time to participate in the electrochemical reaction of particles (activated particles) accounted for the proportion of the total number of particles.

The Chinese academy of sciences, said the electrode with excellent performance and cycle life, in 10 c (60 minutes / 10 = 6 minutes) to charge and discharge rate, the cycle can keep 90% of the initial capacity after 1000 times. In 20 c to charge and discharge rate, the capacity is still can be amounted to 72% of theoretical capacity.

Is widely believed that the research to improve the lithium battery capacity, and improve life for electronic equipment life provides a new perspective and method.

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