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China's Lithium-ion Battery Market Share More Than South Korea Trend


With the popularity of electric buses and spare batteries, lithium ion battery industry is at the forefront in the global market momentum of new energy. The lithium ion battery is a secondary battery (rechargeable batteries), it is mainly rely on lithium ions move between the positive and negative to work. Materials containing lithium batteries are used as the electrode, is the representative of modern high-performance batteries.

According to the company, last year, South Koreas samsung SDI in lithium ion battery industry with 25.2% market share, output of 1.278 billion cell, leaps to the world. LG chem (860 million cell) in lithium ion battery industrys market share of 17%, ranked second.

Then followed by Japan panasonic, in order to share 14.7% (744 million cell) ranked third, China ATL to share 11.4% (580 million cell) fourth, Japans SONY (433 million cell) at 8.5% ranked fifth.

According to industry analysis, which Chinas battery, television, television screens, mobile phones, semiconductor technical aspects, such as relatively backward in South Korea and Japan, but the recent lithium ion battery industry in China has been Japan, is threatening South Korea. China lithium carbonate prices continue to rise, related lithium-ion battery industry strong again.

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