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Zou Xianrong Proposed New Energy Car Battery Installation Standard


In 2015, new energy automobile production more than 380000 vehicles in China, nearly 500000 cumulative promotion, new energy vehicles become the worlds biggest market. But the new energy automobile charging time is long, life is poor problem, it is considered to be block the important reason for the popularity.

Zou Xianrong bullish on new energy vehicles in electric mode. In electric mode, he says, could use behind valley in turbine power station, the peak shift to complete the battery, then charge a good battery to the gas station, electric vehicles can achieve 3 minutes here in the battery. At the same time, through the "Internet + Internet of things", realize the electric car in electric mode, owners need to download the App, can use mobile phones to find the nearest in power station.

Zou Xianrong said, at present, electric cars in power station popularization still exist some difficulties, such as the early stage of the construction cost is larger, battery model is not unified, etc. Zou Xianrong Suggestions to related support policies from the national level, at the same time, set up a battery installed in the industry standard, and multilateral cooperation to build electric cars online service industry chain.

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