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New Type of Lithium Battery Power can be High Temperature


Typical lithium ion battery consists of two electrodes and a liquid or gel electrolyte composition, the electrolyte conveyor belt electric particles between two electrodes. Battery charge if damaged, short circuit or overload, generates heat; If the temperature is about 150 degrees Celsius, the electrolyte may burn, causing the explosion.

Battery with plastic material, embedded small metallic nickel particles, and particle surface has spiked, dimension with nanometer measurement. Researchers on the nickel particles with sharp spines in graphene, the thickness of a carbon atom, and then these particles embedded in a layer of elastic polyethylene film. Film and an electrode of cells adhesion, load cell output current. If the film conductivity, nickel particles on the spike need physical "lap" together. As soon as the temperature increases, thermal expansion, polyethylene film extension, increase the distance between the nickel particles, film conductive, no longer battery will not output power.

Experiment, the researchers put the battery heating to more than 70 degrees Celsius, polyethylene film as a balloon inflation, with sharp spines of nickel particles separation, battery power; The temperature drop to 70 degrees, polyethylene film contraction, nickel particles contact spike recovery, battery to restore power.

Researchers think that based on what the embedded particles or polymer (film) material type is different, you can set the temperature of power, such as can realize battery power when 50 degrees or 100 degrees Celsius.

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