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Policy Overweight Lithium Battery is Expected to Reach 37 GWH Capacity Next Year


The industry believes that with the rapid volume of new energy vehicle sales, lithium-ion battery enterprise investment scale, 2016 battery capacity is expected to reach 37 GWH, more than 30 GWH demand, local overcapacity may exist. For guiding the development of industry, the promotion enterprise product quality, the ministry of post and will reduce the non-standard production capacity, power enterprises market concentration.

The ministry of post in order to strengthen the management of the lithium battery industry standard, aimed at reducing invalid or unqualified capacity, orderly development play a supporting role to the industry. At the same time, to the improvement of industry regulation, with the advantage of technology and cost leading enterprises in market share rising.

The porch hi-tech lithium battery capacity will reach 1.3 billion AH, and actively make industrial extension to the anode material, diaphragm and BMS. Has independent investment in the anode material production line, and the star source material cooperation construction membrane production line, with sharp, expand the operating charging pile, and engaged in battery operated with baic new energy cooperation and other comprehensive business. The company has gradually from a single power battery business transformation integrated service providers for the electric car industry chain. Shanshan shares is the largest comprehensive provider of li-ion battery materials in China, covering the anode, electrolyte and cathode materials business, this year and a half, according to the annual report lithium battery accounted for the company's main proportion of 81.3%. In addition, through the joint venture company, into the production field of electric vehicle, and to increase 3.446 billion yuan.

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